Forms of Study

Since 1995 the school has provided both forms of secondary studies: 4-year form of study and 8-year form of study. The school is attended approximately by more than 1,000 students a year.

In the 4-year form of study students can choose either the general form of study consisting of compulsory and optional subjects (they are 20 in number, e.g. conversation classes in foreign language, computer studies, economy, psychology, etc.) or they can specialize in studying foreign languages. English, German, French and Russian are taught. Latin can be chosen as an optional subject. Language orientated study is supported by extra curriculum, lessons with native speakers and higher number of language lessons.

The 8-year form of study is a bilingual one. The talented children are given an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills by means of the demanding curriculum. They start this study at the age of ten. French is the predominating language here and students do the best to get a good command and fluency in French. Later mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology are taught in French.

In both forms of study students are given marks and they are obliged to finish secondary education with school-leaving examination (maturita exams). They get chance to continue their studies at universities or different forms of educational superstructure. The graduates are well-prepared for study at universities in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and as for the bilingual section also in French speaking countries.