Students of our school get chance to visit one of the foreign countries to practise the language they are learning. They usually go on this trip in September, at the beginning of the third form of their study.

Students of 3.A Class went on such a trip to London, Great Britain. They spent seven wonderful days travelling by coach and sightseeing. And how do they remember these days?

After a horrible journey at night we arrived at Paris at nine o´clock in the morning. We went to the historical centre of  Paris by underground. That time we were a little bit panicked because there were only 10 seconds to get on or off! And our group involved 40 people!!!

The first place of interest to see was the Palace of  Justice. Then we moved to Notre Dame, a gothic cathedral mainly known from the novel by Victor Hugo. We got the chance to stand on the Zero Point in front of this cathedral (All the distances in France were taken from this point in the past). The legend says that everyone who stands at this place that one will once come back to Paris. We saw other places of interest such as the Townhall, the gallery of Louvre, the Arc of the Victory, the Square of  the Innocents, the Ear of Paris, etc. But the most impressive monument was the Eiffel Tower and we tried to get to its top.

The first day of sightseeing was over in Arc near the seaside where we had bed and breakfast.

Next day we embarked in Calais and sailed accros the English Channel to Dover in England. It was really wonderful experience to see the Atlantic Ocean , the French coast and later Seven Sisters. We arrived in London at noon and the first stop was in the Greenwich Park. We visited the Observatory and tried to stand on both sides of the globe divided with 0-Meridian into eastern and western part.

Then we went to Tower of London, a medieval fortress. We were interested in 6 big ravens – the symbol of this place. The legend says if the last raven flies away the kingdom will fall down. And we took many photos in front of the Tower Bridge!

Madame Tussaud´s Museum of the vax figures was another unusual place of interest. All the celebrities seemed to be alive.It was the best moment in England!

Next day we visited Windsor and walked through apartments of Queen Elizabeth II. The Changing the Guard was also an unforgetable experience. We passed through Eton the oldest and the most prestigeous public school in England still keeping its old customs and uniforms.

A long way from here (a three-hour journey) was Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument with nearly 5,000 years old monoliths.

We spent few hours walking in Hyde Park in the evening and we enjoyed a lively nightlife in Oxford Street.  

The other day was devoted to sightseeing. We went on foot to see Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, the White Hall, the Horse Guards, Downing Street 10, Buckingham Palace. We walked through St. James´s Park and visited the National Gallery where the paintings by Manet, Monet, van Gogh and many other painters were exhibited. Later in the British Museum we admired exhibits in the Egyptian, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Italian departments.

On the way back we made a stop in Strassbourg where we saw Notre Dame, la Petit France, the European Parliament and we spent nice time sailing down the River Ill. We saved some time for shopping and relaxing (shops were full of storks – a symbol of this town). We got bed and breakfast in Formula 1 for the last time